Top 25 Recession Proof Cities in the US

According to this Business Insider article, Boise is in the top 25 recession-proof cities, coming in at #12.

The coronavirus spread has sent stocks falling, raising recession fears. Texas has 8 cities that made the top 25 ranked as recession-resistant.

Home Prices on the Rise

It's no secret that Boise is a hot real estate market, often ranking #1 for most notable home sales and price growth. As Sheila mentions in this Kiplinger's article, part of the reason is that “Our inventory is the lowest it has been in 19 years,” and "We've been seeing a huge exodus from [the West Coast] to Boise, largely because the cost of living here is so much more affordable."

A tight supply of homes for sale and lower mortgage rates are pushing up home values. Sellers and homeowners are reaping the rewards. Read the full article HERE.

Empowerment through Downsizing

Downsizing can be a positive life change for seniors who are struggling with home maintenance, cleaning, health issues, or the expense of living in a home that’s just too big to handle. Many older adults see moving to a smaller home as a negative, a sign of physical and mental decline. If you’re struggling with the decision, think of downsizing as an opportunity to make an exciting new start in a smaller, more manageable home, one that frees you from restrictive responsibilities. Here are a few tips to help you realize that goal.
Have a System When You De-clutter
Eliminating objects that have been part of your life for years can be emotionally troubling, but setting up a system for de-cluttering can help keep you on task. Being organized makes it easier to stay focused and can help you avoid the temptation to give up. Your goal should be to get rid of anything you haven’t used within the past six months; specifically, any object that no longer has emotional meaning or monetary value. Divide everything into piles of what you’ll give away, donate, or throw out. Take breaks if it all becomes overwhelming, but keep going until each room is done. Putting it off only reduces the likelihood that you’ll get through it all.
Customize Your New Home
Whether you’re downsizing to a one-bedroom house or even a studio apartment, make it your own by focusing on what gives you joy. For example, if you love the fact that you’ll have more time to read, arrange a comfortable and attractive “book nook” in the corner near a window with a nice view. Or, turn one room into a crafting or painting studio if you have a creative temperament. As you home hunt, keep location, price, and convenience clearly in mind.

Research average home prices where you want to move and stay within your budget — downsizing won’t help if you end up with too much house. Also, try to find a location near your favorite stores and restaurants (and friends), so you don’t have to travel far for a little fun now and then. Spend plenty of time researching online, getting a feel for cost and availability, and making sure the square footage is right. If you’re seeing high prices, focus on other areas. (For example, homes in Boise sold for an average of $329K last month.)
Moving It All
Let’s face it — packing and moving are just no fun regardless of your age. However, there are strategies that can soften the blow a bit. Do some research and try to find moving companies with experience helping older adults downsize. A senior move manager can be a big help in finding the right movers, but hiring one can be cost-prohibitive (senior move managers typically charge $1,000 - $4,000). Take your time and look for the best quote; it costs an average of $349 to hire moving help in Boise, but that number increases if you move a long distance.
The company you select should be fully bonded, insured, and professionally certified. If you’re having to move more quickly than you’d anticipated, consider renting storage space for larger items until you’re settled and can figure out what to do with everything. Some storage facilities even rent trucks to make it easier getting everything situated after you’ve moved.
Downsizing can give you a new lease on life if it’s no longer possible to remain where you are. Sometimes, relocating is a tremendous emotional relief, particularly if you’ve lost a spouse and need a change of scenery. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of realtors and senior move consultants who understand what you’re going through, and what you hope to achieve.

Credit: Mike Longsdon

Love Where You Live - Military Reserve

One of our most favorite things to do is take our bikes up to Military Reserve and coast the trails. With the announcement of new trails being built this has fast become one of our favorite Boise spots! Check it out below...

Circus Trix - Fun for the Whole Family

When we’re not selling real estate we are spending time with our families and enjoying everything that Boise and the surrounding areas have to offer.

One recent discovery is a relatively new activity center called Circus Trix.

Located at 1460 N Happy Valley Rd in Nampa, Circus Trix is one of the coolest places we’ve been to! They have over 60 trampolines, a Ninja Obstacle Course, Extreme Dodgeball, and more. It’s an awesome place to have parties or just hang out on a Saturday afternoon.

If you have kids under the age of 6 they also have a dedicated area just for the little ones. Even better, kids under that age receive a discount on their ticket price.

Speaking of ticket prices, they are fairly reasonable for the experience. General pricing starts at around $15 per hour (kids under 6 are $11/hour) and you can get a pass that gives you access to the entire facility.

If you are looking for a fun time that’s indoors, we highly recommend checking out Circus Trix!

If you want more info check out their promo video below or visit them at

School Highlight: North End - Highlands Elementary

Located in the bustling capital of Idaho at 3434 North Bogus Basin Road, North End Highlands Elementary school was recently rated one of the top schools in the state: coming in 4th out of 291 schools across Idaho. With over 343 students and one of the highest average test performance scores in the state, North End Highlands Elementary is creating well-rounded students who will be ready to tackle the next stages of their education with confidence.

A Leader in Idaho Schools

Part of North End Highland Elementary's success is due to its fairly consistent student-to-teacher ratio, which means smaller class sizes and more direct learning strategies. Since 2008, the school has maintained a consistent statewide ranking above 95%, and its test scores for all grades in 2017 were marginally higher than the greater Boise Independent District area as well as Idaho as aw whole.

Brief History

North End Highland Elementary was established between 1961-1962 and today sits next to an historic 1950s nuclear fallout shelter built during the "red scare" of the Cold War era. While this shelter is no longer in use, the historic significance draws a certain degree of curiosity and imagination from the city's north end inhabitants.

Library Amenities

The school has a fully stocked library that offers STAR math and reading assessments, as well as a variety of research and education resources for students of all ages. The library hosts monthly events and book fairs to keep students interested and active in their learning experience.

Food Services

North End Highlands Elementary takes the nutrition and health of its students seriously, and employs a full team of registered dietitians to oversee the buying and production of school lunches. Not only is the food your children eat healthy and delicious, but the school's team of dietitians, food service manager, and robust collection of food service employees are working hard to teach students good eating habits for a healthier future.

A Much Needed Facelift

To provide a better learning environment (as well as a more architecturally sound environment), the Boise School District has decided to completely replace the old North End Highlands Elementary school with a more modern structure. While this decision has met with some dissension from community leaders and members alike, School District leaders believed that the old building was not keeping up with the quickly moving modern world. Thus, a new North End Highlands Elementary is on the horizon for students to experience in the coming years.

Touch Screen Education

The school has implemented a tablet educational aid that students are able to use as "digital textbooks" in their classes. The technology is provided and maintained by Discovery Education, whose Techbook design gives teachers and students the resources and tools they need to accelerate--and excite--education.

Moving Soon? Why You May Want to Consider Nampa, Idaho

With the motto “What a Place to Live” and the nickname “The Heart of the Treasure Valley,” Nampa should already ignite your curiosity. The city is located 20 miles from Boise, six miles from Meridian, and is the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area's second main city. 

In 1886, Nampa was founded when the Oregon Short Line Railroad's line passed through there. Incorporated shortly thereafter in 1891, it is Canyon County's largest city with 31.77 square miles. The name "Nampa" is thought to have come from the Shoshoni word for footprint or moccasin. 



The 2010 census reported 81,557 residents, making it the second-most populous city in Idaho, and the estimate for 2016 was 91,382. 

Real Estate

Zillow's data through January 31, 2018, gave Nampa a market temperature of “Very Hot.” The average home value was $166,000, having increased 9.9 percent over the last year and predicting it will increase 3.0 percent in the coming year. The average rent price is $1,050, lower than the Boise City Metro average of $1,300. 


The Nampa school district has 15 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools. One is an alternative high school serving students who struggle in traditional schools. Nampa also has the College of Western Idaho and the Northwest Nazarene University. 

Fun Fact: Lakeview School was the first elementary school, constructed in the 1890s, was condemned as a school after its centennial celebration, was sold to the First Mennonite Church, then refurbished in 2008, and is now the home of the Idaho Arts Charter School. Lakeview, like Nampa, has gone through some major changes over the years!


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nampa was named “#1 in the Nation for Employment Growth” for 2016 and that growth hasn’t slowed much.The two largest employers in Nampa are the Nampa School District and the College of Western Idaho. However, that doesn’t mean that Nampa doesn’t have other opportunities as well.

There are plenty of industries that call Nampa home, from agriculture to manufacturing to health care. It is also located just 20 miles from Boise whose economy and employment outlook is thriving.

Recreation and Entertainment

Family Fun

Nampa is a great place to raise a family. The city has 24 parks, the largest being Lakeview Park. The Nampa Recreation Center has 140,000 square feet and contains an aquatics center with three gymnasiums, six pools, racquetball courts, a running/walking track, and other activity areas. The city owns and operates the 27-hole Ridgecrest Golf Club and the 18-hole Centennial Golf Course. 

The Ford Idaho Center has an amphitheater featuring 10,500 seat, a stage, an arena with 12,279 seats, the Idaho Horse Park, and a track and field Sports Center. The Idaho Center also has been hosting an annual Monster Jam event and the Snake River Stampede Rodeo which began in 1937 and continues as one of the top 12 rodeos in the pro rodeo circuits. 

Because the area is growing so quickly, developers are bringing more and more shopping, dining, and other entertainment options to the city.

Outdoor Life

Apart from the family activities and growing urban areas, Nampa is still right in the heart of Idaho. Hunting, fishing, camping, bike trails, and more are all within easy driving distance.

Take the family out for a day trip to historic Idaho City, a former mining town that is just an hour or so away. Or maybe you’d like to try camping at Silver Creek, also just about an hour away.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

On February 25, 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt established what is one of the oldest National Wildlife Refuge Systems. It provides watery oases, a breeding habitat, and a wintering and resting area for resident wildlife and migrating birds, including spectacular numbers of Canada geese and mallards. The American Bird Conservancy declared the Refuge to be a Globally Important Bird Area. 

The Refuge also protects the forests and grasslands on the Snake River islands as well as the wetland edges, open waters, and sagebrush uplands of Lake Lowell. It also cooperates with local farms to work 240 acres to provide food for wildlife and also manages and conserves fish and plant resources. 

Want More? 

Sheila Smith Real Estate would be happy to give you more details about the Nampa area, answer any of your questions, and make arrangements to show you properties that are sure to interest you and your family. We generally always have inventory in the area or can show you other listings you may be interested in. Please contact us here for more info.

School Highlight: East Junior High

East Junior High School is located on the east side of Boise, Idaho and is for students in grades 7-9. The school was originally built in 1953 and several additions were made to the initial building before it moved locations. In 2009, the school was moved to its current location on East Warm Springs Avenue, making it a more recently built and modern school. According to attendants the facility is very well-maintained. There are around 600 students that attend East Junior High School. This school also has an impressive teacher/student ratio at around 16:1. Here we will highlight some of the school’s benefits and offer some other practical knowledge to help you make an informed decision about the school.


East Junior High School’s curriculum includes the basic liberal arts classes of language arts, math, social studies and science. Along with these core classes, there are courses in art, health, music, physical education, world languages (French and Spanish) and technology. Based on test scores for proficiency, the students are about 60% proficient in math, 70% proficient in reading and 69% proficient in science. East Junior High School is supported by the Boise School District. The Boise School District offers summer learning opportunities and a program called Advanced Opportunities for those parents and students who are looking to have the academic advantage as they move toward high school.


This school offers a wide diversity in athletic programs. East Junior High School has a sports curriculum for boys’ and girls’ basketball, football, golf, tennis, cross country, track, volleyball, cheerleading and wrestling. Students have reported a feeling of comfort with their coaches as they are also the teachers of their academic classes as well. The Boise Idaho School District offers a competitive network where the students can truly exercise their athletic abilities.

Awards and Ratings

This junior high school is highly rated on with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The reviews offer praise to East Junior High School for the friendliness of the students and staff with low incidents of bullying as reported by parents and students of the school. In 2018, East Junior High was rated 4th out of 159 middle schools in the state of Idaho for Best Middle School. It was also ranked 4th out of 159 for Best Middle School Teachers. The site ranks East Junior High School 26th out of 131 Idaho Alternative Schools and gave the school the rating of A overall and Reviews from the parents and students on that site are mostly positive.


East Junior High School is a highly ranked and well rated school in Boise, Idaho. The openness and helpfulness of the faculty and staff has allowed the school to receive many constructive reviews. The students are very well supported by their teachers and other staff members. There is great diversity in the curriculum and sports department’s programs. In addition, the Boise School District offers a supportive structure so that parents and students have the support needed to advance academically.

Are Interest Rates Going Up This Summer?

Buyers beware! According to RealtorMag, interest rates are set to rise this summer. While nothing is ever guaranteed, prospective buyers are being advised to start their home shopping now to avoid those increases.

From the article…

Rate increases—even minor ones—can add up over time.® offers this example: On a $300,000 house with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and 20 percent down payment, the difference between a 4 percent and 5 percent mortgage rate is $142 a month. Calculated over the life of the loan, that is more than an extra $51,000. “Buyers thought they could wait forever because rates were going to stay low forever,” says Palacios. “They’re starting to realize that if they’re going to buy, they should probably buy now.”

To read the full article please click here:

Legacy Community Open - Feb 27th & 28th 1pm-4pm

Legacy Community Open Feb 27 & 28, 1-4pm

You'll want to stop by Legacy Subdivision in Eagle, ID this weekend for the Community Open! We've gathered agents together to hold open homes from several of the prestigious builders with luxury waterfront homes in the neighborhood.

The Community


Legacy Subdivision broke ground in 2006, and currently features established landscaping, an executive golf course, a community pool, tennis courts, a soccer field, and a clubhouse.  Many lots are available with maintenance-free living options, giving you more time to enjoy the neighborhood surrounds.  An elementary school is established within the neighborhood, with walking paths and sidewalks providing easy access throughout the neighborhood.

Close to Eagle Island State Park, the community provides access to all the amenities of Eagle in a serene setting.

The Homes

4989 Eagle Landing Ct

4989 Eagle Landing Ct

Legacy features homes by some of the areas premiere builders.  At this community open, you will have the opportunity to view custom homes from CBH, Holmes Homes, Paragon, and more.  Stop by any home with an open sign in front, and you can pick up a map with home details.