School Highlight: North End - Highlands Elementary

On April 20th, 2018

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Located in the bustling capital of Idaho at 3434 North Bogus Basin Road, North End Highlands Elementary school was recently rated one of the top schools in the state: coming in 4th out of 291 schools across Idaho. With over 343 students and one of the highest average test performance scores in the state, North End Highlands Elementary is creating well-rounded students who will be ready to tackle the next stages of their education with confidence.

A Leader in Idaho Schools

Part of North End Highland Elementary's success is due to its fairly consistent student-to-teacher ratio, which means smaller class sizes and more direct learning strategies. Since 2008, the school has maintained a consistent statewide ranking above 95%, and its test scores for all grades in 2017 were marginally higher than the greater Boise Independent District area as well as Idaho as aw whole.

Brief History

North End Highland Elementary was established between 1961-1962 and today sits next to an historic 1950s nuclear fallout shelter built during the "red scare" of the Cold War era. While this shelter is no longer in use, the historic significance draws a certain degree of curiosity and imagination from the city's north end inhabitants.

Library Amenities

The school has a fully stocked library that offers STAR math and reading assessments, as well as a variety of research and education resources for students of all ages. The library hosts monthly events and book fairs to keep students interested and active in their learning experience.

Food Services

North End Highlands Elementary takes the nutrition and health of its students seriously, and employs a full team of registered dietitians to oversee the buying and production of school lunches. Not only is the food your children eat healthy and delicious, but the school's team of dietitians, food service manager, and robust collection of food service employees are working hard to teach students good eating habits for a healthier future.

A Much Needed Facelift

To provide a better learning environment (as well as a more architecturally sound environment), the Boise School District has decided to completely replace the old North End Highlands Elementary school with a more modern structure. While this decision has met with some dissension from community leaders and members alike, School District leaders believed that the old building was not keeping up with the quickly moving modern world. Thus, a new North End Highlands Elementary is on the horizon for students to experience in the coming years.

Touch Screen Education

The school has implemented a tablet educational aid that students are able to use as "digital textbooks" in their classes. The technology is provided and maintained by Discovery Education, whose Techbook design gives teachers and students the resources and tools they need to accelerate--and excite--education.

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